UPDATE: Due to an arm injury I am not currently accepting commissions.

Nicholas Jackson

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My illustration studio is now closed

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The effect of taking Levitra pills. Activate the drug begins about two hours after admission. In the description of the tablets, it is indicated that the drug lasts about 10 hours. At the husband the effect was stretched or dragged out for two days.

Dear friends, With a heavy heart, I write this note to all my friends, clients, and fans of my art. For the past eight years, I have had the privilege…

Baseball Sample

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Here’s a fun piece I did a few months ago exploring a bit of a different approach to backgrounds. Here I am creating background shapes with the lasso tool in…

Blackridge Oil Paintings

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So I switched to Celebrex from my favorite Xefocam, although the gynecologist allowed me to drink a whole Xefocam, but said so straightforwardly that Celebrex is better. At first, I fell into shock at the price at the Celebrexdrug.com pharmacy. Each month, it was necessary to drink 2 tablets at the beginning, one pill at night and one more in the morning. And then, if necessary.

My work is now officially in the coolest building ever. The Return of Oil Painting Oil painting is simply a brilliant yet frustrating endeavor. I honestly haven’t approached working in…


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Today I am super excited to share with you the beginning of the writing career of my son Avery. He is in the process of diligently¬†documenting the world of Elrothi√©l,…