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By July 5, 2011News

This has been quite the busy summer for me.  Not only have I been enjoying the sun but we have also recently been volunteering at camp.  Another adventure I have  begun is mentoring two local students in the ways of art. Region 2 Arts Council is sponsoring 9 students through a legacy grant to learn whatever kind of art they are interested in. Over the next 12 months I will mentoring Zoey and Rachel on a bi-weekly bases.  They are both at different paths in their artistic journeys, and I am excited to come along side each of them. Feel free to check out the Pioneer Article about the whole program.

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  • Taylor Smith says:

    That’s so awesome you’re doing that! What a great way to give back and you’ll probably learn a thing or two in the process of teaching. 🙂 Way to go, homie!

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UPDATE: Due to an arm injury I am not currently accepting commissions.
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